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sperm motility
New Structure Discovered in Human Sperm Tails
Sperm are essential for reproduction. Normal sperm parameters (count, motility and morphology) are important for fertilization to occur following intercourse. In order for sperm to be motile, a highly effective…
Is ICSI Safe?
Is ICSI Safe?
Women having IVF are at increased risk for obstetrical and neonatal complications. When deciding between ICSI and conventional IVF, we are often asked is ICSI safe? Most agree that increased…
frozen embryos
Fresh Versus Frozen Eggs
Fresh versus frozen eggs? Egg freezing by oocyte vitrification is a major innovation for potentially preserving a woman’s future fertility especially in young women needing ovarian-toxic treatments and for those…
vasectomy and pregnancy
Fertility after Vasectomy
Vasectomy is an elective surgical sterilization procedure involving removal or obstruction of a portion of the vas deferens preventing sperm from being transported from the testicles to the ejaculatory ducts.…