Frozen EGG Assist

When you’ve decided donor eggs is the right choice for you, we have options.

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Giving You More Options

When you have decided donor eggs is the right choice for you, you can use your own egg donor or you can purchase frozen eggs. Purchasing frozen eggs is a less expensive option than having a conventional egg donor go through an IVF cycle. Frozen eggs are purchased in lots of 6 or more. It is wise to also purchase a guarantee that at least one of the eggs will make a Day 5 embryo suitable for transfer.

What Frozen EGG Assist Includes

If you opt to secure a frozen donor egg, we offer Frozen EGG Assist. This innovative service is $11,000 and includes:

  • Thawing of all frozen (vitrified) oocytes
  • Sperm preparation and ICSI
  • Embryo culture
  • Freeze (vitrification) on Day 5/Day 6 following fertilization
  • Management and monitoring for the embryo transfer cycle at one of our locations
  • Embryo transfer following assisted hatching (AH) of one embryo
  • Blood pregnancy test at one of our locations 10 days following embryo transfer
  • One year storage of any remaining embryos

This fee does not include screening fees, the cost of frozen eggs, medications, or monitoring at locations other than at Fertility Centers of New England.

There are many different ways to build a family, and FCNE is committed to finding a path toward parenthood that is supportive, innovative, and customized to your needs.

It’s time to take the first step. Talk to us about your options.

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