Egg Donation

A donor egg is never a couple’s only option, but may be the best way to achieve the goal of having a healthy child. If you are considering egg donation as the next step in your treatment, Fertility Centers of New England can help. We have a dedicated department that works closely with our donor patients, handling every issue and providing the ultimate in care.

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Am I an Egg Donor Candidate?

There are many reasons why egg donation may be a good choice for a patient, including the absence of ovaries, premature ovarian failure, or sterility from prior chemotherapy or radiation. A donor egg, or oocyte, is also used in patients who have had poor responses in prior IVF cycles, recurrent pregnancy loss, and genetic diseases with a high risk of transmission. Before making a decision, our physicians will review with you your age, medical history, and past responses to fertility treatments, as well as the results of any relevant testing.

How Is an Egg Donor Selected?

Some patients prefer to have an egg donor who is anonymous or to select frozen eggs from an egg bank. Others want to have a biological connection to their child and select an egg donor related to them. Whether a relative, a friend, or an anonymous donor, our dedicated donor team will assist you in this process.

Anonymous egg donation is typically done through an outside agency that specializes in screening and matching couples with donors. Each couple will have the final decision on the oocyte donor, based on their own personal selection criteria.

Who Will Be Considered the Mother?

In most states, the woman who gives birth to a child is considered the mother. In addition, once the embryo is transferred to you, your body will contribute greatly to its growth and development. No matter whether the recipients know the oocyte donor or not, all donors are informed that by giving up their eggs, they sever all legal rights and duties to rear or have contact with any resulting children.

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