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Overlooking the Sperm
Overlooking the Sperm
When a couple is trying to conceive, the focus is often on the female partner. Many women will learn to track their periods, check for ovulation, and identify their fertile…
Does Age Affect Male Fertility?
Does Age Affect Male Fertility?
Infertility affects women and men equally, but does age affect male fertility the same way it impacts women? Studies have shown that male fertility does begin to decline as men…
Male Influence Parenting
The Male Influence
Let not the male counterpart be the forgotten part of the equation in looking at fertility health. The male influence does affect IVF outcome. In a report by Eisenberg et…
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Enhance Sperm by Choosing Salmon Over Pepperoni
A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition (2014;144(7):1091-8) suggested that eating fish instead of other meats was associated with better sperm parameters including count and morphology than seen…
Window Into Men's Health
Window Into General Men’s Health
General health status, of both men and women, are closely correlated to fertility status. For instance, chronic health conditions and serious illness are associated with an attenuation in reproductive function.…