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clomid side effects
Clomid: Side Effects to Be Aware of
Clomid is the commercial name for the fertility drug, clomiphene. It is a “mild” fertility medication because it is taken orally and, when prescribed correctly, it should only stimulate the…
What to Look For in Your Fertility Center
What to Look for in Your Fertility Center
For some, pregnancy comes quickly, but for others, achieving pregnancy may require medical assistance. In fact, the chances of becoming pregnant naturally are only 20% during any given month, and…
How Common Is Infertility?
How Common is Infertility?
Most people spend a lot of time avoiding pregnancy so when pregnancy is desired, success is expected immediately. Understanding your personal fertility and the factors that affect your fertility potential…
Fertility Treatment is Deemed Essential
Fertility Treatment is Deemed Essential
It was announced that fertility treatment is deemed essential in New York during the COVID-19 pandemic. New York state governor Andrew Cuomo stated reproductive health, including infertility, is a decision…