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What To Expect in a Virtual Appointment with a Fertility Doctor

What To Expect in a Virtual Appointment with a Fertility Doctor

What To Expect in a Virtual Appointment with a Fertility Doctor

I’m Dr. Weiss, one of your physicians at the Fertility Centers of New England. Let’s talk about telemedicine, also known as virtual appointments, and what it’s like from my perspective as well as what I hear from our patients. It’s a new experience for many and knowing what to expect in a virtual appointment with a fertility doctor will help you appreciate the benefits and convenience it offers.

What Doctors and Patients Can Do Using Telehealth

Many patients are surprised to see how much we can accomplish together via video conferencing for both the evaluation and treatment for infertility. Technology has enabled us to give the same level of care that you would experience in an office setting without having to leave your home or take the time to travel to us. It’s very similar to other live video platforms you may have used to keep in touch with family or work, but in a much more robust and secure application.

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What Patients Should Expect During an Initial Virtual Fertility Appointment

Each patient is unique, and at a different point in their quest for a child, so your treatment is individualized and based upon your exact needs. We always start with the basics. Whether meeting digitally or in our office, initial visits involve me or one of our other physicians discussing your health history, both generally as well as a focus on your personal infertility journey to date. Then, we will go over any previous testing or treatment you may have performed. Our video technology for virtual fertility appointments lends itself very well to accomplishing these tasks.

Following this initial discussion, including careful review of previous testing and treatments, I will offer to you my general assessment and plan for further evaluation and treatment. I also talk about important changes to your lifestyle and diet that may be helpful as we start down this road together. Together, we will have a plan of action so you will know the next steps you need to take.

What Happens After a Virtual Initial Fertility Consultation

After your initial conversation with me or one of our other fertility doctors, one of our wonderful nurses will follow up with you on the phone to review the details of what you will need to do for testing or treatment and answer any additional questions you might have.

Testing is almost always accomplished during just two brief visits to one of our offices. On the first visit, you will have blood drawn and an ultrasound on the third day of your menstruation cycle. A second visit involves meeting with one of our physicians and having a small procedure performed to evaluate your uterus.

Following this testing, another telemedicine follow-up is scheduled. During this virtual appointment, we will review all the results, explain what we discovered, answer any questions, and finalize the treatment plan.

Throughout this process, our nurses and physicians are available every day (even on weekends) to answer questions and provide guidance via phone or our secure online portal.

Don’t Wait to Take the Next Step

Fertility Centers of New England’s number one goal is to help guide our patients on a path to parenthood. Using telehealth technology is just another way we can do that. The feedback we receive is that patients find these virtual appointments very comfortable, easy to use, and in some ways even preferable to sitting in a formal doctor’s office. We physicians enjoy seeing our patients in their own environment, relaxed and prepared to make a plan with us.

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