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Continuing Infertility Treatment During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Continuing Infertility Treatment During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We Are Still Treating Existing Patients And Accepting New Patients

Infertility is a medical condition that is time sensitive and we maintain our commitment to you. Fertility Centers of New England remains open. We continue to care for our patients and are accepting new patients. We remain focused, as always, on providing you with individual care that centers on you.

We have heard many questions on continuing infertility treatment during the Coronavirus pandemic, and below we have listed some of those more frequently asked. Talk to us when you have any questions.

Is Fertility Centers of New England still open and treating patients?

Yes. Fertility Centers of New England is open during this crisis and our doctors, nurses, and staff are continuing to work with our patients to keep them in cycle, alleviate any fears, answer any questions, and keep everything moving forward for you. We will do everything we can to help and will not give up our commitment that we’ve made to our patients.

I’m nervous about coming in for an appointment. Are there other options?

Yes! We have rolled out virtual consultations (both initial appointments and follow-ups) for anyone that wants to discuss options with our doctors right now. Schedule a virtual appointment and we’ll make it easy to talk to you from the comfort of your home.

Is Fertility Centers of New England accepting new patients at this time?

Yes, we are accepting new patients and will continue doing whatever we can to help new patients become parents. Even if you’re not sure you want to move forward yet, this is a great time to talk to us and we can go over options for when you’re ready. You can schedule a consultation here.

I’m a patient of another fertility doctor and was told I have to stop because they are no longer treating during this crisis. What can I do?

Talk to us. We will able to help take over your care and see you through.

How has Fertility Centers of New England adapted its services to this ongoing crisis?

Our doctors and staff are all wearing masks, and we require that all patients bring their own mask or protective face covering to wear throughout any in-person appointments in our offices. We currently practice a limited touch policy. We use a well-established patient portal to deliver information and instruction, and other technology to maximize communication while minimizing close contact for insurance, billing, and consultative services. We use personal protective equipment during procedures and monitoring, and we adhere to strict guidelines regarding symptoms associated with COVID-19, or any concerning contagious disease. We have made adjustments to physician schedules and staffing to maximize the care we can give you and minimize the risk for everyone. We ask all patients to keep us informed of concerns for contact and exposure to COVID-19 so that we can all remain safe.

What do I need to know about fertility and pregnancy during the Coronavirus crisis?

If you’d like to know more about how this virus affects fertility and pregnancy, we published new information on Coronavirus and fertility. We will continue to update this as new information becomes available.

This global crisis is a rapidly changing situation for which we are prepared, however all information on this page is subject to change as new information comes to light, or if there are new orders from the government.