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What Happens After My Initial Fertility Appointment?

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You have done it. By having your initial fertility appointment, you’ve taken an important step in your fertility journey. You have probably been anticipating this moment for quite some time—the opportunity to begin your family. So what happens next?

After Your Initial Fertility Appointment

What happens now that my first appointment is over?

The first step is an initial fertility workup on yourself and your partner, if applicable. Tests such as bloodwork, hysterosalpingogram (HSG), sonohysterogram (SHG), hysteroscopy, and/or endometrial biopsy help us determine the best treatment path for you.

Once you have finished your initial testing, you will have a follow-up appointment with one of our physicians to review the results and go over next steps. We will develop a customized treatment plan for your unique needs, incorporating the latest in assisted reproductive therapies.

Any additional testing and procedures are pending the diagnosis and treatment plan from your physician.

If I have questions, who do I contact? How?

After your initial fertility appointment, you will be supported by a dedicated care team. Each time you come in, the same care team will be there to give you the consistency you need throughout your time with us.

We are here to guide you through this process and we encourage our patients to lean on us for support. We take on the heavy lifting so you can focus on what is most important: starting your family.

If you have questions, you can go to any member of your care team at any time. Of course, you can always call us.

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How should I use the patient portal?

Your dedicated team is here when you need them. All patients manage their treatment plans within our patient portal. The patient portal captures everything you need to successfully manage your treatment plan, including all documentation, secure communication, and test results.

Additionally, you can use the patient portal to reach your care team or your physician when you have questions, or need to request a refill on a prescription.

What kind of timeline can I expect?

The timeline can vary according to your needs, and of course, based on your schedule. We will work with you to determine what path is best for you to achieve the goal of a successful pregnancy.

Typically, an IVF cycle can take three to four months. When you begin your cycle is dependent upon testing and your cycle timing. You can learn more about timelines here.

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You have waited long enough to start your family and it is a major step to schedule your initial appointment. Now, it’s time to determine your diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. We’re honored to support you in your fertility journey.

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