Early Delivery And The Long-Term Effects On The Child

Early delivery impact

Perhaps it is all about inflammation. The cause of premature delivery is unclear – it is signaled by the baby who is in peril or the mother whose body thinks it is delivery time or a cross-talk or lack of communication of both? Is inflammation the root cause and does it follow the fetus, now […]

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Why We Prefer Transferring A Single Embryo

why choose elective single embryo transfer

Many women ask why we prefer transferring a single embryo into women less than 35 years of age, encourage this in women under 38 and leave it as an option for women 38 to 40. Our internal data shows that our success rates (take home baby ranks) approach 55% with a single embryo transfer in […]

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FCNE Was Featured on Fox News Discussing Single Embryo Transfers

Fox News Boston | Single Embryo Transfers | FCNE

FCNE’s Dr. Robert Weiss was featured on Fox News discussing single embryo transfers and lowering the twin rate. Watch the video! The majority of women under age 35 should have an elective single embryo transfer (eSET) and no more than two embryos should be transferred in anyone age 40 or under. Better ways to screen embryos […]

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