FCNE Was Featured on Fox News Discussing Single Embryo Transfers

Fox News Boston | Single Embryo Transfers | FCNE

FCNE’s Dr. Robert Weiss was featured on Fox News discussing single embryo transfers and lowering the twin rate.

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The majority of women under age 35 should have an elective single embryo transfer (eSET) and no more than two embryos should be transferred in anyone age 40 or under. Better ways to screen embryos are being developed and tested which should make eSET the standard of care for all. The Fertility Centers of New England advocates eSET and does this by growing all embryos to Day 5 after fertilization in a low oxygen environment which enables the most viable embryo to be selected for transfer. Culturing embryos to Day 5 also allows for embryo biopsy to be performed so that possible chromosome abnormalities can be discovered.

The Fertility Centers of New England is proud to be at the forefront of advanced infertility treatment and for increasing access to care by providing affordable treatment options without composing quality and results.

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