Fertility Advancements

Behind The Scenes With The EmbryoScope®


FCNE was the first IVF center in the country to report a successful pregnancy using the EmbryoScope®! Many patients seek us out because of this advanced technology. Here are some of the most common questions our patients ask:

What is the EmbryoScope®?
The EmbryoScope® is a state-of-the-art system with a built-in camera that provides automated and continuous time-lapse photography of fertilized oocytes. This technology allows us to track embryos from conception to transfer without disturbing the culture environment.

How does the EmbryoScope® help me to achieve a successful pregnancy?
The Embryoscope® has many advantages. Embryos tend to do better when they are left alone. Particularly in the early stages, we want to minimize the amount of embryo “handling” that occurs. The EmbryosScope® allows us to observe embryo development in a continuous fashion in the incubator without disturbing the embryo(s). Additionally, our embryologists learn a great deal by observing the embryos. This knowledge allows us to carefully select what appears to be the single best embryo for transfer.

Why is a single embryo transfer recommended for patients under 38 years of age?    Our goal at FCNE is to help each patient achieve a healthy, successful pregnancy that will result in a full-term delivery. While many fertility patients desire twins, the concern is that a twin pregnancy has a much higher risk of pregnancy complications. Elective single embryo transfers provide the best chance for a patient to have one healthy baby at a time. With the EmbryoScope®, our embryologists gather valuable information to help them select a single strong, healthy embryo.

Which patients are most likely to benefit from the EmbryoScope®?
While any patient can benefit from the EmbryoScope®, it is particularly advantageous for patients who have not been successful at other centers. With the help of the EmbryoScope®, we are able to perform primarily single embryo transfers on day 5 of development (the blastocyst stage).

Because of our outstanding pregnancy rates, we frequently see patients for second opinions. Fertility Centers of New England is proud to be at the forefront of advanced infertility treatment. For more information about the Embryoscope® or your fertility in general, please contact us today!

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