Zika and Reproductive Health

zika virus and pregnancy

The Department of Health and Human Resources through the Centers of Disease control has issued a travel warning regarding the Zika virus to pregnant women and couples contemplating pregnancy to the Miami-Dade County areas of Florida. It is not clear how far Zika and reproductive health have been affected. Further, it remains unknown whether the mosquito […]

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Misconceptions Regarding Reproductive Health and Conception

reproductive health and conception

Recently, a population-based study was published by Lundberg et. al. that assessed and evaluated perceptions regarding fertility in reproductive-aged women. The participants were between ages 18-40 years old. Approximately 50% of these women already had children and a separate 50% of the population were contemplating having a first child or expanding upon their family. In […]

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How Does Vitamin D Affect Reproductive Health?

vitamin d and fertility sunblock

Sunlight is the best and only natural source of Vitamin D. It is the way your body intended you to make it. Unfortunately, depending upon your work schedule, the season of the year and where you live, natural sunlight is not always a given. Vitamin D supplements are therefore suggested for many because Vitamin D […]

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Fracking and the Possible Side Effects

Fracking and Fertility

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking”, is the process where natural gas is extracted from shale rock deep within the earth. Boreholes are created into the shallow layer of shale approximately 8000 feet (2 miles) from the surface. A tunnel is then made sideways (90 degrees from the initial cavity) and extended approximately one mile. […]

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Walnuts Improve Sperm Quality

A recent study published on line in the papers in press section of the journal, Biology of Reproduction (Biol Reprod. 2012. 112.101634) found that men who ate 75 grams (about two handfuls) of walnuts per day over the course of a year had significant improvement in sperm motility and morphology compared to men who did […]

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Hippocrates to HIPAA: Confidentiality and Privacy at FCNE

Respect for privacy and confidentiality is an ancient and a contemporary professional responsibility of all healthcare providers. Ensuring this responsibility in a rapidly evolving technologic world has its challenges. That is why The Fertility Centers of New England (FCNE) has created a new on-line Patient Portal allowing private and secure communication with the patients we […]

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Patient Centered Care

The delivery of health care has traditionally focused on a paradigm known as ‘disease management’ based on guidelines formulated from medical studies and expert opinions. A new trend has emerged known as patent centered care which is a shift away from the disease centered paradigm of the past. Patient centered care involves clinical decisions that […]

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