Multivitamins During Pregnancy May Reduce A Child’s Risk of Autism

Multivitamins During Pregnancy May Reduce A Child's Risk of Autism

Couples going through IVF have questions about what they can do to have a healthy pregnancy and how to prepare for it. A recent study published in the BMJ found that multivitamins during pregnancy may reduce a child’s risk of autism. These findings are based on a Swedish cohort of 273,107 mother-child pairs. The children […]

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10 Healthiest Behaviors To Bring About Good Health

10 Healthiest Behaviors

In the book “Us! Our Life. Our Health. Our Legacy.”  by LD Bradley and ML McKenzie, MD, the authors list the 10 healthiest behaviors to bring about good health. These are: Walk at least 30-45 minutes per day most days of the week; Engage in resistance training 2-3 days per week; Eat primarily a plant-based […]

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Pesticides May Negatively Impact IVF Pregnancy Rates

pesticides IVF pregnancy rates

We know from animal studies that pesticide exposure can negatively impact the number of live-born offspring. A recent study in JAMA suggests that the same may be true in humans, that is, pesticides may negatively impact IVF pregnancy rates. Researchers looked at preconception intake of pesticide residue from fruits and vegetables to see if there […]

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How the Environment May Affect Fertility

Environmental Effects on Your Fertility

The causes of infertility and our ability to both treat and to overcome them have change over the past two decades.  Optimization of medications afforded and laboratory equipment, experience and protocols now within our grasp calls us to examine factors that may affect fertility thought previously to be, perhaps, not so relevant. In fact, both […]

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Male Fertility

healthy eating for male fertility

It’s well known that the mother’s health is vital to her baby’s development because one’s fetal environment is an important predictor of their adult health. What is less known, is that the preconception “environment” can also play a role in fetal health.  In other words, actions before actual conception can affect your baby, therefore making […]

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