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How the Environment May Affect Fertility

Environmental Effects on Your Fertility

The causes of infertility and our ability to both treat and to overcome them have change over the past two decades.  Optimization of medications afforded and laboratory equipment, experience and protocols now within our grasp calls us to examine factors that may affect fertility thought previously to be, perhaps, not so relevant.

In fact, both lifestyle and environment may impact and alter how readily or not so readily, a couple achieves and maintains pregnancy.

Moreover, the fertility of the next generation appears to be linked to the exposure of toxic factors of their parents.  The environment in which the fetus is exposed as it is developing has lasting effects.  For instance, pollutants such as bisphenol-A (BPA) can effect the developing endocrine system.  Smoking can lower sperm counts and if the father smokes, his unborn son may have a lower sperm count when he is trying to have children too.  Many of these factors will be discussed in subsequent blogs focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle and bringing awareness to how the environment may affect fertility!