Stopping Smoking Prior to Attempting to Conceive

Smoking and Fertility

As alluded to in an earlier blog, clearly there are both actions and inactions that affect the ability to conceive as well as the conceptus itself.  This particular blog centers on the ingestibles and inhalables involved with tobacco. Women who smoke or chew tobacco can face major problems conceiving. These delays and effects are secondary to […]

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How the Environment May Affect Fertility

Environmental Effects on Your Fertility

The causes of infertility and our ability to both treat and to overcome them have change over the past two decades.  Optimization of medications afforded and laboratory equipment, experience and protocols now within our grasp calls us to examine factors that may affect fertility thought previously to be, perhaps, not so relevant. In fact, both […]

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Past Pesticides and Endometriosis Risk

pesticides and endometriosis risks

Investigators from the Pacific Northwest reported online in Environmental Health Perspectives that exposure to organochlorine pesticides was associated with the development of endometriosis. Is there any connection to past pesticides and endometriosis risk?  In a case control study of 248 women with surgically confirmed endometriosis and 538 healthy control women, serum samples were obtained so that […]

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