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Egg Freezing for Young Women
The Oocyte is Type A; The Uterus is Not
Millennial women, you have the opportunity to write the narrative on your fertility. Demographics have certainly changed.  Degrees in hand, working environment firmly established, nest egg cultivated, is it now…
Egg Freezing | Fertility Preservation | FCNE
Why Egg Freeze?
Women are born with a finite number of eggs which continuously decline from birth. As women age the quality of these eggs also declines leading to fewer successful pregnancies and…
egg freezing and biological clock
Deciding When to Have a Baby?
Most people grow up thinking that they will have no difficulty some day becoming a parent. Deciding when to have a baby can be perplexing. More and more women are…
egg freezing and biological clock
Freeze Eggs: Preserving Your Fertility
In today’s society, women often delay childbearing until later in their reproductive years. The reasons for this shift are complex, but are often related to social, educational, and economic factors.…
egg freezing and biological clock
What is Egg Freezing?
More women are delaying motherhood but they still face the constraint of their biological clocks. If the time is not right for you to start a family, technology offers an…