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Is Vaping During Pregnancy Safe?

Is Vaping During Pregnancy Safe?

The health risks of tobacco have been known for decades. Patients often assume that e-cigarettes, or vaping, are safer than conventional smoking. In fact, many women who smoke switch to vaping during pregnancy and believe that it is safer than regular cigarettes, but is vaping during pregnancy safe?

Is Vaping During Pregnancy Safe?

The Center for Disease Control recently recommended that all women who are pregnant discontinue the use of e-cigarette’s commonly known as vaping. Most vaping products contain nicotine which alone has been linked with adverse effects on a baby‘s brain development in the uterus. Other studies have linked products in e-cigarettes with cranium and facial defects. In addition, there are other additives that may be harmful to a developing child. Certainly as one contemplates attempting to conceive or is actively trying to conceive it’s very important to stop vaping.

How Does Smoking Impact Fertility?

Only recently have the  risks of nicotine been shown to being a factor in infertility and in abnormal pregnancies. Here are some of the impacts of smoking on your fertility:

  • Children growing up in a household where someone smokes have a 17% higher chance of developing infertility compared to children raised in a home where no one smokes.
  • Nicotine and its metabolic products are associated with decreased sperm parameters and with poor oocyte and embryo quality.
  • Implantation is also decreased in smokers compared to non-smokers and miscarriage rates are higher.
  • The risk of an ectopic pregnancy is also higher in women who smoke or are around second hand smoke.
  • Preterm births, small for gestational age babies, birth defects, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) are also higher in those who smoke.
  • The incidence of vaping in kids in middle and high school is increasing such that a whole generation of young people who are not as yet thinking about reproduction are at risk of being infertile. Inhaling chemicals in addition to nicotine will have effects on body organs and will limit the reproductive potential for those who vape.The bottom line is E-cigarettes are not a safe alternative to traditional smoking.

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Quitting smoking can be very difficult, but it is possible and we are here to help. Is vaping a healthier alternative to smoking? The answer is, no. All forms of nicotine can affect your fertility. If you have more questions, please contact us to schedule your free initial consultation.

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