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A photo of a person pulling a cigarette out of a pack.
Does Smoking or Vaping Cause Infertility?
Smoking, and now vaping, are well-known to cause a plethora of health problems. But could smoking and vaping also be causing infertility? It’s a question many couples struggling to conceive…
Is Vaping During Pregnancy Safe?
Is Vaping During Pregnancy Safe?
The health risks of tobacco have been known for decades. Patients often assume that e-cigarettes, or vaping, are safer than conventional smoking. In fact, many women who smoke switch to…
Women smoking during pregnancy.
Smoking During Pregnancy Can Cause Miscarriage
Smoking during pregnancy can cause miscarriage is also well known to be associated with many adverse maternal and fetal outcomes including intrauterine fetal demise, stillbirth, fetal growth restriction, birth defects…