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Infertility Patient Visits and Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

 Infertility Patient Visits and Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Infertility patient visits and treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic are both essential and possible at the Fertility Centers of New England. The safety of all of our patients and staff is our primary concern. All initial and follow-up appointments are being performed via telemedicine using our secure video conferencing technology. We find these virtual appointments to be just as productive, with a positive side benefit of being more convenient for patients than in-person visits. Read a recent blog post by Dr. Weiss on his perspective on these telehealth fertility appointments. 

We have minimized the need for physical visits to our office. When in-person visits are necessary for specific tests and evaluations, all the latest CDCfederal, and state guidelines are strictly following to diminish the transmission of the virus. Our safety procedures include the following:

  • All patients are advised not to come to the office if they know they have been diagnosed with COVID-19, have been exposed to a person with the virus, or if have a fever, cough or any symptoms related to viral illness. For procedures, each patient is screened by a nurse prior to entering the center. This screening also occurs prior to the ultrasound appointment prior to any scan.
  • We limit the number of people who enter our waiting room to practice safe social distancing. We also limit visitors to our offices to only the patient. Unfortunately, this means that our patients’ partners, companions, and children are not allowed into the waiting room. Everyone but the patient but must stay home or remain outside our offices.
  • All patients must bring their own mask or facial covering and wear it during the entire visit to our office.
  • All Fertility Centers of New England staff and care providers wear masks.
  • We have eliminated the use of nearly all paper and have hand sanitizer available throughout the office.

We will continue to update our safety procedures as new information becomes available. Our goal has always been, and always will be, to help our patients on their quest for a child. These guidelines are designed to keep you safe and allow us to continue treating as many patients as possible.

We are committed to continue care for our patients and are accepting new patients. We remain focused, as always, on providing you with individual care that centers on you.

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