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How Do You Know if IVF is Right For You?

How Do You Know if IVF is Right For You?

What is your chance of becoming pregnant naturally?

When pregnancy is desired, success is expected during the first cycle. This can happen, but for most people, the chance of becoming each month of trying is only 20% per menstrual cycle attempt. This is the rate of natural fecundity. Infertility is defined as the inability to become pregnant after 12 cycle attempts for women under age 35 and after 6 months of trying for women over age 35. There are many potential causes of infertility. Often, however, no definitive cause can be found even after thorough evaluation and testing. How do you know if IVF is right for you when seeking infertility treatment?

What Are the Advantages of IVF?

IVF over the past 40 + years has helped millions of people achieve a successful pregnancy. Due to advances in IVF over the years, the chance of a successful pregnancy per cycle attempt has surpassed that of natural fecundity. Not only can IVF be beneficial for those experiencing infertility, but IVF can also provide diagnostic clues as to why the couple has experienced reproductive difficulty. For instance, IVF provides information about ovarian responsiveness to stimulation, ease of fertilization, embryo development, and quality and also facilitates preimplantation genetic diagnosis when indicated. This information provides clues as to why the couple may be having difficulty on their own. How do you know if IVF is right for you? IVF may not be for everyone experiencing infertility, but it does offer the best chance for a successful pregnancy and may provide clues for the underlying cause of infertility.

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