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7 Ways To Increase Male Fertility

7 Ways To Increase Male Fertility

Many factors associated with infertility are beyond your control. In fact, one in six couples attempting pregnancy will have difficulty achieving pregnancy. It is also important to know that infertility affects women and men equally. Sperm health may be enhanced by the choices you make. 7 ways to increase male fertility:

1. Eat Right
Processed foods are loaded with sugar, fat and preservatives all of which can adversely affect sperm parameters.

Fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables are loaded with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants all of which are beneficial for good health and sperm production and function.

2. Exercise
For optimal health including better sperm production pair healthy eating with muscle toning exercise. Sperm production depends on the right mix of hormones. Obesity adversely affects hormone production and can decrease sperm production. Maintaining ideal body weight will enhance sexual performance and benefit sperm production.

3. Don’t Use Tobacco Products
Nicotine and other metabolic by products of tobacco are toxic to sperm and can even cause DNA damage increasing your partner’s risk for miscarriage.

4. Don’t Use Marijuana
No matter the form of marijuana imbibed (inhalation or edible), marijuana and it’s metabolic products and derivatives adversely affect hormone levels and sperm production. Women whose male partners use marijuana have a higher chance of miscarriage than women whose partners do not use marijuana.

5. Don’t Drink Alcohol Excessively
Excessive use of alcohol lowers hormone production, sexual performance and sperm function.

6. Avoid Testosterone
Performance enhancing medications lower hormone production and effectively stop sperm production.

7. Don’t Soak in hot tubs or spend much time in steam rooms or saunas
Sperm production is compromised at temperatures over 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sperm health can be a mirror of overall health. Life choices have consequences either for better or worse. Choose wisely for sperm health. If you have questions about you or your partner’s fertility, please contact us today!