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Overlooking the Sperm
Overlooking the Sperm
When a couple is trying to conceive, the focus is often on the female partner. Many women will learn to track their periods, check for ovulation, and identify their fertile…
What to Expect With a Semen Analysis
What to Expect With a Semen Analysis
Male factor infertility is the primary cause of over one-third of cases of infertility amongst couples and is a contributing factor in as many as 35% of infertility cases. For…
7 Ways To Increase Male Fertility
Seven Ways To Increase Male Fertility
Many factors associated with infertility are beyond your control. In fact, one in six couples attempting pregnancy will have difficulty achieving pregnancy. It is also important to know that infertility…
sperm motility
New Structure Discovered in Human Sperm Tails
Sperm are essential for reproduction. Normal sperm parameters (count, motility and morphology) are important for fertilization to occur following intercourse. In order for sperm to be motile, a highly effective…