In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

The Flu Shot For Women Who Are Attempting To Conceive

Flu Vaccine During Infertility Treatment

Well, it’s flu shot season again and as always there many questions about the flu shot for women who are attempting to conceive. The CDC recommends that all healthy women receive the vaccine including those who are pregnant and attempting to conceive. Flu season in the U.S. begins in October and last until many although it does peak in December through February. The CDC recommends that as many women as possible receive the vaccine by November to prevent a widespread flu epidemic.

There are two types of influenza vaccines; the inactivated influenza vaccine as well as the live attenuated influenza vaccine. The inactivated vaccines which includes all of the injectable vaccines are safe in pregnancy as well as in women who are you attempting to conceive.

The live activated vaccine which is considered the best vaccine for children under the age of nine should not be used in pregnant women. It makes sense that women who are attempting to conceive should avoid this vaccine as well. This vaccine is only available as a nasal spray.

Again, all women who are attempting to conceive should receive the vaccine as early as possible all vaccines except the nasal spray are safe while attempting to conceive and during pregnancy.

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