Flu Vaccine And Pregnancy

flu vaccine and pregnancy

Flu season is upon us. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) there were 40 million cases of influenza last year with 970,000 people hospitalized. We receive a lot of questions on the flu vaccine and pregnancy? Pregnant women and those contemplating or attempting pregnancy should get the flu shot due to […]

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The Flu Shot For Women Who Are Attempting To Conceive

Flu Vaccine During Infertility Treatment

Well, it’s flu shot season again and as always there many questions about the flu shot for women who are attempting to conceive. The CDC recommends that all healthy women receive the vaccine including those who are pregnant and attempting to conceive. Flu season in the U.S. begins in October and last until many although […]

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Why Vaccinate?

Most Americans are immunized during childhood. As adults, we assume that this immunization carries into adulthood. Often women are unaware of immunization status prior to attempting pregnancy and to conception. Ideally, all inquiries and immunizations should be completed prior to conception as some vaccinations may not be administered to a pregnant woman. Importantly, immunization is […]

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Should You Get the Influenza Vaccine During Infertility Treatment?

flu vaccination during infertility treatment

Many people being treated for infertility are unsure whether to get the “Flu Shot.”  During the 2012 influenza season both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Health Department of Health and Human Services (NH DHHS), Division of Public Health Services continue to have a universal recommendation for influenza vaccination to anyone over […]

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