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COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Cause Infertility

COVID-19 Vaccines Don't Cause Infertility

There is a headline, and only a headline, that the COVID-19 vaccines cause infertility. This is a baseless claim. The unknown and rigors of our lives cause fear. “Healthy” skepticism remains part of our fiber and culture. So, let’s peel back what we know and don’t know about the COVID-19 vaccine, which makes its way into the hope, heart and arms of the world today. First, let’s start with the truth – the COVID-19 vaccines don’t cause infertility.

Thanks to social media a most professional blog has been copied, retweeted and email – more contagious than influenza itself. But just because it has been copied and forward, does not give it validity.

Why Do People Think COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Infertility?

The claim is that the vaccine causes female sterilization because it contains a spike protein with homology (similar sequence) to a placental protein, known as synctin-1.

Here are the truths:

  1. Synctin-1 is a placental protein. Yes, and there are millions of them – originating in all aspects of the different compartments of the placenta and expressed at different times of fetal existence.
  2. The placenta is the most amazing organ in existence.

But what hinges on our minds is the baseless claim.

Although, it is true that part of the spike protein shares similarity to the amino acids in the synctin-1 protein (one of the millions of proteins in the placenta), science tells us that this short sequence similarity is not enough to generate an antibody response.

Despite the fact that we think about protein structure as an amino acid chain, it is not. It has both form and function. Once the amino acid chain is made, it takes on complex structures – nooks and crannies, peaks and troughs. To function, it must engage with its counterpart, which looks like a mirror image. It is like the docking of a complicated Lego structure or a 3-dimensional key that has to fit the lock precisely – it is also how antibodies ward off viruses (antigens). The structure of the spike protein does not look like the 3-dimensional structure of synctin-1. The mRNA vaccines currently in circulation don’t contain the code for synctin-1.

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