Help For PCOS And Weight Gain

PCOS and weight gain

Insulin is the key that opens the door and allows the sugar to transit from outside the cells to the inside. Weight gain can be associated with additional weight gain. Many patients suffering with PCOS ask us how to get help for PCOS and weight gain? Excess fat cells drive insulin resistance (where the cells […]

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Know Your Hunger Cues

Weight for Your Fertility

Are there certain foods that trigger you to want to eat even if you are not hungry? If so, know your hunger cues and keep those foods out of the house and out of your office. It is important to create an environment that will support your long-term weight loss goals. I love ice cream. […]

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Eating Mindfully

eating healthy fertility

Do you often eat breakfast standing at the counter or in the car on the way to work? Are you taking phone calls, checking emails, or surfing the web during lunch? Are dinners usually eaten in front of the television? If this is a regular occurrence for you I challenge you to set a goal […]

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Obesity Lowers Pregnancy Rates in Donor Egg Recipients

A recent study from Spain published in Fertility and Sterility (Fertil Steril 2013;100:1050-8) involving 9,587 first cycles using donor eggs from normal weight women found significantly lower success rates in obese recipients. In vitro fertilization laboratory parameters did not differ according to BMI defined as lean (BMI<20), of normal weight (BMI 20-24.9), over weight (BMI […]

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NutriMed: New Weight Loss Program

Losing weight can be difficult, but when successful, overweight and obese women can significantly improve their chances of having a successful pregnancy.  When a woman’s BMI is within the normal range (18.5-24.9), they can expect shorter treatment cycles, less medication, and a higher rate of pregnancy using IVF. In addition, they are half as likely […]

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