Weight for Your Fertility

NutriMed: New Weight Loss Program

Losing weight can be difficult, but when successful, overweight and obese women can significantly improve their chances of having a successful pregnancy.  When a woman’s BMI is within the normal range (18.5-24.9), they can expect shorter treatment cycles, less medication, and a higher rate of pregnancy using IVF. In addition, they are half as likely to experience a miscarriage.  To increase the success of their patients, The Fertility Centers of New England has teamed up with The Nutrition Solution Group to provide a unique weight loss solution for our  patients called NutriMed.

The new offering is a medically supervised program that allows you to lose more weight in less time.  The program is designed to create rapid weight loss—typically, three to four pounds per week.  It employs a restricted eating plan using nutritional supplements (shakes, puddings, and bars) that replace grocery foods to maximize weight loss. The diet is simple and effective because you don’t have to think about what or how much to eat.  It allows you to focus on modifying your behavior and developing new healthy lifestyle skills to support long-term success.

The NutriMed program consists of four phases:  Adaptation, Weight Loss, Refeeding, and Maintenance. The Adaptation Phase uses supplements within a reduced-calorie meal plan to help your body adjust to the program.  The Weight Loss Phase relies primarily on supplements and is where you’ll see the majority of your weight change.  Grocery foods are gradually reintroduced during the Refeeding Phase, before you move on to the Maintenance Phase. Our program teaches you about planning and preparing balanced, healthful meals, dealing effectively with the stresses of weight management, incorporating exercise into your daily routine, preventing relapses, and more.  We offer you personalized support and regular one-on-one consultations with a dietitian.  For more information please contact us via email or calling The Nutrition Solution Group at 617-564-3438.