October 28, 2014

Know Your Hunger Cues

Weight for Your Fertility

Are there certain foods that trigger you to want to eat even if you are not hungry? If so, know your hunger cues and keep those foods out of the house and out of your office. It is important to create an environment that will support your long-term weight loss goals. I love ice cream. I know that if I keep a gallon of ice cream in the house I may be satisfied witha small bowl the first night, but after a day or two my bowl starts getting bigger and Ifind myself headed to the freezer even if I am not really in the mood for it. So, if I have a craving I prefer to head to the ice cream store. If you live or work with someone who insists on keeping your trigger foods around then ask if you can keep them in a place where you do not constantly see them. Put the chips/sweets/etc. in the back of a cabinet or somewhere where you won’t see it every time you walk in the office or house. Remember out of sight, out of mind, out of mouth.

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