Exercise Improves Sperm Number And Quality

how to increase sperm quality

A recent study published in the December 2016 journal Reproduction showed that moderate exercise improves sperm number and quality. By exercising three times a week sperm quality improved; the improvement with moderate exercise was even more then intense exercise regimens. Many men seen in my office ask how they can improve their sperm count and […]

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Exercise and Male Fertility: Did They Correct for Spandex?

exercise and male fertility

A study published in Human Reproduction (2014;29(11):2575-82) reported that higher levels of moderate to vigorous physical activity were associated with higher sperm concentrations among couples going through fertility treatments. Men in the highest category of outdoor activity (>1.5 hrs/wk) and weight lifting (>2 hrs/wk) had 42% and 25% higher sperm concentrations than men who did […]

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High Saturated Fat Intake is Linked to Poor Sperm Quality

A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that high intake of saturated fat is associated with reduced sperm quality in men and may be associated with infertility.  The study found that men who consumed greater amounts of saturated fat had lower sperm concentrations and lower total sperm counts as compared […]

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Walnuts Improve Sperm Quality

A recent study published on line in the papers in press section of the journal, Biology of Reproduction (Biol Reprod. 2012. 112.101634) found that men who ate 75 grams (about two handfuls) of walnuts per day over the course of a year had significant improvement in sperm motility and morphology compared to men who did […]

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Male Body Mass Index and Reproductive Potential

Because BMI can affect your chances of pregnancy and increase your chances of having a miscarriage, female BMI is considered when determining IVF treatment. Research is continually being done to define whether the negative affects of hormone alterations from obesity is on egg and/or embryo quality, sperm quality or responsiveness of the endometrium. Although an […]

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