Luteal Phase Deficiency

Luteal Phase Deficiency | Missing Piece| Unexplained Infertility

Countless hours, blogs and forums have been dedicated to infertility and the potential source as a luteal phase deficiency.  Luteal phase deficiency (LPD), or a lack of progesterone has been described in menstruating women.  It’s association has been with other medical conditions (rapid weight loss, post partum, renal transplantation, and even in random, normal cycles).  […]

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Can Sunblock Possibly Block Fertility?

vitamin d and fertility sunblock

The scientific and lay press have centered much deserved focus lately on how our environment plays an integral part of our health.  These concerns certainly are valid.  Chemicals and their UV-activated by-products demonstrated to be present in personal care products may have an effect on male reproductive potential.  Two of the chemicals in question are […]

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“Decreased Ovarian Reserve”: Is there a “best test”?

IVF egg retrieval and best test for ovarian reserve

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), the professional committee for experts in reproductive endocrinology and infertility medicine, put out a committee opinion this month on testing and interpreting measures of ovarian reserve. A woman’s eggs, or oocytes, are the greatest when she is a fetus and decline in number as she ages. Ovarian reserve […]

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What Makes a Good Endometrium and How is it Monitored?

Historically, we have been limited the means of assay endometrial receptivity.  It is a dynamic organ that needs to be evaluated  as such.  Embryo implantation occurs when the endometrial receptivity is precisely well orchestrated.  When the window of receptivity does not meet optimal implantation timing of the embryo, pregnancy will not occur. Endometrial biopsies where […]

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What About the Soil? Then Endometrium: An Unsung Hero

Much of our efforts in assisted reproductive technologies, namely IVF and IUI, is focused on cultivation of mature oocytes and generation of quality embryos.  However, without a rich environment, these embryos cannot exist. This soil is the endometrium, the lining of the uterus that is prepared monthly and then quickly shed like an afterthought, if […]

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The Reproductive Life Cycle

There are five reproductive stages in a woman’s reproductive life cycle.  These include premenarche (before the first menstrual period) stage; the reproductive, premenopausal stage; the early menopausal transition stage; the late menopausal transition stage; and finally, menopause.  There is no single test to determine reproductive potential, but the menstrual cycle pattern and hormone levels can […]

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