Financial Constraints Remain A Major Barrier

how much does ivf cost

Financial constraints remain a major barrier for those seeking fertility care. The rate of single successful deliveries is the goal but this should be attained in the most expedient and cost-effective manner possible. Fertility programs abound often leaving those needing therapy bewildered as to where to go and to whom to see. Patients usually come […]

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How Much Does IVF Cost?

How much does IVF cost?

Tell me, Doctor, “How much does IVF cost?” The price of fertility treatment is one of the greatest obstacles to receiving care. Surprisingly, however, financial matters are the least likely subject to be discussed by physicians with their patients. Moreover, modern medical schools rarely teach practitioners-in-training to look at the price tag or how to […]

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Financing Fertility Treatment: Don’t Spend More Than What is Needed!

Recently, there have been several reports on the cost of IVF treatment and taking out loans to pay for treatment. After all, as noted in this July 2012 article, it’s not uncommon to take out loans for a car, purchase of a home, college education, and even fertility treatment to create a family. The American […]

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