Financing Your Fertility

Financial Constraints Remain A Major Barrier

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Financial constraints remain a major barrier for those seeking fertility care. The rate of single successful deliveries is the goal but this should be attained in the most expedient and cost-effective manner possible.

Fertility programs abound often leaving those needing therapy bewildered as to where to go and to whom to see. Patients usually come to fertility practices by physician referrals, word of mouth, insurers, and advertisements including social media websites. Despite these myriad ways the referral recommendation is rarely if ever value-based. This is largely due to the fact that physician professional organizations and many practices themselves make it difficult for the average patient to make a value-based judgment regarding their care.

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Commercial payers are beginning to pursue value-based payments which is a cost per pregnancy model that will lead to improved efficiency and cost savings due to the elimination of redundant or unnecessary testing, reducing the use of low impact treatments, and proactive management of prescription medication protocols.

Fertility Centers of New England whole heartedly embraces these challenges and is proud to have been repeatedly awarded “Center of Excellence” status by those payers awarding such accolades. Our IVF programs offer the very best cutting edge technology allowing us to achieve for those we are privileged to serve exemplary success rates at the most competitive cost available. Fertility Centers of New England provides value-based care.