Fertility Centers of New England Named 2014 OptumHealth Center of Excellence

FCNE Optum Center of Excellence

The Fertility Centers of New England is proud to announce that we have been designated as a member of the OptumHealth Center of Excellence network for the eighth consecutive year.

The OptumHealth Center of Excellence network is a resource for patients designed to identify fertility centers and physicians that meet or exceed rigorous performance standards. Since 1986, OptumHealth has been identifying complex medical conditions for which there is a quantifiable difference among treatment providers. “It’s an honor to be designated an OptumHealth Center of Excellence for the eighth consecutive year,” stated  our Chief Operating Officer, Brian E. Miller, Ph.D. “We hope this information helps our potential patients to make more informed decisions about their healthcare options.”

OptumHealth’s solutions and services are developed to support safe, successful and cost-effective management of patients with infertility. Only those fertility centers that meet strict clinical criteria, as determined through the initial and annual evaluation process, are considered for inclusion in the Center of Excellence network.

At the Fertility Centers of New England, we remain committed to providing the most affordable treatment options with the highest success rates possible.