November 9, 2018

Preconception Health Of Both Men And Women Can Affect The Health Of Their Offspring

Preconception Health Of Both Men And Women Can Affect The Health Of Their Offspring

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is well known to be important in attaining a successful pregnancy, however, a recent study determined that preconception health of both men and women can affect the health of their offspring. Studies recently reported in the British Journal, ‘The Lancet’ published April 16, 2018 document that the health and nutrition of both men and women before conception is also important not only for pregnancy outcomes but also for the health of their children even into the next generation.

Getting in shape for pregnancy at least three to six months prior to conception should be the goal. This includes smoking cessation, cutting down on alcohol consumption, and trying to attain ideal body weight as being either too heavy or too thin can impact not only your ability to successfully conceive and carry but also may affect the long term health of your children in terms of their physical, cognitive, and even their reproductive potential later in life.

At Fertility Centers of New England, we encourage all of our patients to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you have questions about your or your partner’s fertility, please contact us today!

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Joseph A. Hill, III, M.D.

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