New Maine Fertility Center Location Opening this Fall

A photo of a lighthouse in Maine backlit by a sunset. A map of Maine featuring the Fertility Centers of New England logo is prominently displayed on the left.

Our goal is to always meet patients where they are in their fertility journey. We want to make treatment more accessible, whether that be through cost-competitive programs across New England or opening new locations throughout the region. Fertility Centers of New England is happy to announce a new Maine fertility center location opening this fall.

Dr. Joseph Hill | Fertility Centers of New England

Located just north of Portland at 202 Route 1, Suite 202, in Falmouth, our new Maine fertility center will give our central and northern Maine patients more access to fertility care.

Dr. Joseph A. Hill, who has cared for patients throughout New England for the last 37 years, will be the primary doctor in Falmouth. If you’re interested in scheduling an initial fertility consultation, free for those without infertility insurance coverage or have any questions about infertility treatment options, please contact us.

What Sets Fertility Centers of New England Apart

We understand the journey to parenthood is different for everyone. As your fertility specialist, we’ll work with you to paint the full picture of your health profile and preferences to find the treatment option best for you. This begins during your very first consultation, where we’ll ask you questions about what your path toward parenthood has been like up to this point and what your hopes are for your future family. 

Our skilled physicians will help you identify what might be affecting your ability to get pregnant and recommend the right fertility treatment for you, which may include:

  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Ovulation Induction
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)
  • Egg Donation
  • Egg Freezing
  • Gestational Carrier/Surrogacy
  • LGBTQ+ Family Building Options

Cost can be a major barrier to infertility treatment. We offer a range of special pricing programs and finance options to provide better access to reproductive care. Our exclusive IVF Assist program offers all-inclusive IVF treatment with ICSI for $13,000 per cycle.

Throughout your time with us, we’ll be a dedicated partner, offering skilled medical care and a personalized approach to finding not just the right treatments and medications but support systems as well, all catered to your unique needs. 

We’ll be here for you when you’re ready to take the first step. Learn more about getting started here or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the news about any of our locations.


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