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What To Expect At Your First Visit To A Fertility Doctor

What To Expect At Your First Visit To A Fertility Doctor

Making an appointment to see a reproductive endocrinologist or a fertility specialist can be a difficult step. However, it shouldn’t be. It is the first step to receiving the knowledge and support of a trained, focused specialist and use of the most advanced technology in the world. Knowing what to expect at your first visit to a fertility doctor can help prepare you for the next steps.

Your First Fertility Appointment

The most important part of the initial visit is a careful history that the doctor will take. Understanding how long you have been trying to conceive and a careful menstrual history are often the first questions that are asked. The patient’s cycle length and a few additional questions will help determine if you have been ovulating. In addition, questions related to the health of your uterus and fallopian tubes, along with general medical and surgical history, are obtained. Answers to all of these questions can help determine why a woman has not been able to conceive. In addition, answers to questions about a male partner are important. These questions cover any history of trauma to the testes in surgery near the groin area, or infection that can affect fertility.

Most infertility patients have seen a primary care doctor or gynecologist recently prior to seeing a specialist, therefore often times a physical exam is not necessary; this often surprises patients but most infertility doctors will order an ultrasound in the early part of the evaluation. After reviewing the history, the physician will usually review his or her assessment of the patient’s true fertility.

The Fertility Evaluation

Following this, the physician will outline the evaluation, which usually includes:

  • A set of blood tests
  • An ultrasound on the second or third day of a woman’s cycle and a detailed evaluation of the uterus
  • A semen analysis of the partner will be obtained. Often couples only focus on the woman, but in one of three cases, infertility is at least partly related to a problem with the sperm

Next Steps

Many patients, after this initial visit, leave somewhat relaxed as they feel that they finally have someone who understands their needs, is very knowledgeable and supportive, and ultimately will do their best to help them conceive.

Here at the Fertility Center of New England, we have four extremely knowledgeable and compassionate physicians and an entire team of nurses and embryologists to support our patients in their ultimate goal of having a child.

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation, please contact us. We are here to answer your questions and guide you on your journey.