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Fertility Is Related To Diet And IVF Success

Healthy Diet for Fertility

Good health in general correlates with a good diet. Fertility is related to diet and especially success in IVF. While there remains no specific dietary guidance higher adherence to healthy eating does correlate with IVF success. A pro-fertility diet consisting of higher intake of supplemental folic acid, vitamin B12, Vitamin D, low pesticide residue produce (pre-washing fruits and vegetables in one part vinegar, 8 part water), whole grains, low fat dairy and seafood rather than other meats was associated with an increased probability of live birth in women having IVF (Am J Obstet Gynecol 2019;220:567).

At Fertility Centers of New England (FCNE), we encourage all of our patients to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to have the best possible chance of conceiving, and we are very proud of our outstanding pregnancy rates. If you have questions about your or your partner’s fertility, please contact us today!

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