Women Who Consume High Amounts of Fast Food May Take Longer to Conceive

Women Who Consume High Amounts of Fast Food May Take Longer to Conceive

A recent study published in Human Reproduction suggests that women who consume high amounts of fast food may take longer to conceive, while women who eat more fruit conceive more quickly. This study was the result of a multi-center pregnancy-based cohort of over 5,000 women interviewed during their first pregnancy. Participants who reported high fast food intake and low fruit intake took longer to conceive and had a higher probability of infertility.

More studies are required to further explore the association between a preconception diet and fertility outcomes. In the meantime, these findings certainly warrant consideration in couples trying to conceive. Alternatively, studies have found that adherence to a Mediterranean diet may improve IVF success rates. Classically, the Mediterranean diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and olive oil and low in red meat.

At Fertility Centers of New England (FCNE), we encourage all of our patients to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to have the best possible chance of conceiving, and we are very proud of our outstanding pregnancy rates. If you have questions about your or your partner’s fertility, please contact us today!

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