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Evaluating Fertility And When To Seek a Second Opinion

Evaluating Fertility And When To Seek a Second Opinion

Many patients are taking a break from fertility treatment during this uncertain and challenging time. Life as we know it has changed dramatically. It may be the perfect opportunity to reassess your fertility path and seek a second opinion. Some patients are evaluating fertility and when to seek a second opinion. Obtaining a second opinion does not mean that a patient is obligated to switch to a new fertility center. Instead, it can simply serve as an opportunity to re-evaluate your fertility testing and treatment thus far.

Second opinions have many benefits, including:

  • A review of your history and medical records from an outside fertility center
  • Access to a new team of physicians, nurses, embryologists and healthcare providers
  • Recommendations for additional fertility testing that has not yet been done
  • Recommendations for lifestyle modifications that may improve your fertility
  • Recommendations for future treatment options to help you build your family

At Fertility Centers of New England (FCNE), we provide virtual consultations worldwide. We will review your history and medical records with a fresh set of eyes and make recommendations for future treatment options. Our goal at FCNE is to help each of our patients achieve a successful, healthy pregnancy. If you are interested in a second opinion or have further questions about the best treatment path for you, please contact us to set up your virtual consultation.