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A Patient’s Perspective on Getting a Second Opinion For Fertility Care

A Patient’s Perspective on Getting a Second Opinion For Fertility Care

At Fertility Centers of New England, our goal is to help everyone achieve the family of their dreams. We work to determine the underlying cause of your infertility and identify the ideal treatment for your specific needs. We help our patients have healthy, happy babies, and we can help you grow your family, too. Here is a patient’s perspective on getting a second opinion for fertility care.

This couple spent more than a decade trying to get pregnant, unsuccessfully. When they came to Fertility Centers of New England, everything changed. Dr. Vitiello helped to find the right path to pregnancy and helped them have their first child. Here’s what they said: 

“Everyone always thinks men don’t feel helpless. This is not true. Sitting in numerous doctors offices, no one could give us definitive answers as to why we couldn’t conceive. All the tests indicated that we should have been able to. As devastating as it was for my wife to hear, I was equally crushed.

All I could hear was it was my fault. For eleven years, it was my fault we couldn’t have a child. All that changed when we walked into the FCNE Bedford, NH office. We met with Dr. Vitielllo, who explained that our wait was not in vain. She took the time to go through potential reasons why we haven’t been successful and the optimism and confidence she gave us was undoubtedly something we hadn’t experienced from any other fertility centers that we had worked with.

Thanks to the efforts of everyone at FCNE after just two rounds of IVF we were blessed with our daughter Gabriella Joy on March 8, 2021.

Looking at this beautiful girl everyday, we find ourselves asking, ‘how did we become so blessed to be chosen to be her parents?’ We feel it was divine intervention that led us to FCNE, Dr. Vitiello, and every person who had a hand in our process! Words cannot express how incredibly grateful we are for ALL of you. The work you do, changes lives and we are blessed to be counted among them.”

Our Doctors Are Here for You 

Dr. Danielle Vitiello, Fertility Centers of New EnglandDr. Vitiello is one of our talented fertility doctors at Fertility Centers of New England. In addition to helping bring Gabriella Joy into the world, she has worked with countless patients to understand their unique fertility needs and get them on the path to parenthood.

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