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Dietary Supplement May Cause Miscarriage

Dietary Supplement May Cause Miscarriage

The FDA recently released a warning that a certain dietary supplement may cause miscarriage or harm fetal development. The dietary supplement is known as “vinpocetine” (also called “vinca minor extract,” “lesser periwinkle extract,” or “common periwinkle extract”). This supplement is usually promoted as a substance that can increase cognitive performance, enhance energy, and rapidly reduce body fat. Unfortunately, the National Toxicology Program of the NIH recently reported that vinpocetine increased the risk of miscarriage in test animals.

While herbal supplements are often promoted as healthy and natural, many contain ingredients that have not been adequately studied in pregnancy. Until herbal supplements have been studied more extensively, we would recommend avoiding them during pregnancy. These findings highlight the importance of discussing all medications and supplements with your physician prior to pregnancy.

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