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COVID Vaccines Do Not Influence IVF Outcome

COVID Vaccines Do Not Influence IVF Outcome

The pandemic strained health care and fertility services. It impacted the thoughts and actions of many seeking fertility treatment. Some continued the brave path forward during the lockdown for fear of no clear end to pandemic restrictions, while others hit the pause button. There was no wrong answer. With time we have found that COVID vaccines do not influence IVF outcomes.

COVID Vaccines and Fertility

December of 2020 saw the issue of emergency allowance (EUA) of the first mRNA vaccine that encoded the spike protein for SARS-CoV-2. Vaccination campaigns and time brought data to provide evidence-based studies. With these campaigns came the concerns regarding immune-mediated detrimental effects of vaccination on female fertility. In part, it may have led to an apprehension of women desiring pregnancy or already pregnant and their willingness to vaccinate.

COVID Vaccines Do Not Influence IVF Outcome

Two years from the start of the pandemic, large data sets have emerged, and here is what we know. In a study of women who underwent IVF one week to 3 months after vaccination, there was no difference in the quality of the IVF cycle or the outcomes. The investigators queried the doses of medications used, the number of eggs retrieved, and all the characteristics of the eggs and embryos within the labs. These assessments are standard measures that are used in research settings. But what counts is the outcome, and that is pregnancy and taking home a baby. Women who received the vaccine were just as likely to become pregnant as those without vaccination.

These findings have been echoed in other findings. Vaccination does not influence IVF outcomes for pregnancy. The concern then becomes what the risk is to the pregnancy in the presence of or absence of COVID vaccination. This data is clear as well, with the unvaccinated (not previously uninfected). The data collected over time is both clear and unfortunate. Stillbirth rates in unvaccinated women significantly trump the rates in previously vaccinated women.

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