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What Makes a Family: A Patient’s Perspective After Fertility Treatments

A Patient’s Perspective After Fertility Treatments

Families are as unique as the people who make them. In the end, all that’s needed for anyone to thrive—whether that be a parent or child—is a loving and supportive environment. The same should be true for those going through fertility treatments. Our mission is to provide each and everyone with the knowledge and care they need to feel empowered throughout their journey and beyond.

That’s why we’re always honored when we hear from patients and can share their stories, like Jen and Mike Nicoloro. The two welcomed their son, Michael, into the world in early August, and all are happy and healthy. 

“We came to [Fertility Centers of New England] pretty defeated and about ready to give up on our dream of having a baby,” Jen said. “After meeting Dr. [Vitiello] we knew that wasn’t the case anymore. She became our biggest cheerleader in every aspect! We’re so grateful for every single team member and their constant support through this journey.”

A Patient’s Perspective After Fertility Treatments

“I think the best advice I can give is just to make the call. The idea of infertility is scary and can make you feel like a failure. But that’s not the case. I postponed reaching out because I was scared to know the truth about my infertility. Seeing other women in the waiting room who are there for the same issues or want the same things and hearing the positive reinforcement from the team of ‘We’re gonna figure this out and get you to your goal of having a family’ makes you feel like you’re not alone, not a failure. [Fertility Centers of New England] offered so much help and information about everything from procedures, insurance, support groups-that even after my initial consultation. I KNEW that this practice was the place for me. Just make the call.”

Getting Started with Fertility Treatments

If you are dealing with infertility, know you’re not alone. Working with a fertility specialist gives you a holistic look at the factors impacting your ability to become pregnant. We offer skilled and compassionate care to help you find the right fertility treatments, medications, and support systems for you. Our wide range of fertility treatments and advanced technologies include (but are not limited to):

With locations throughout New England, you’ll have the flexibility to visit the one that fits your needs and is close to where you work or live. If you have any questions about getting started, schedule your initial consultation.

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