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Vitamin D Benefits Infertility Treatment and Could Help Fight COVID-19

Vitamin D Benefits Infertility Treatment and Could Help Fight COVID-19

Our fertility doctors have shared the many benefits of Vitamin D as it relates to infertility treatment, including how it may increase live birth rates, may reduce the risk of miscarriage, and what dose of Vitamin D for pregnant women is right. Now a new study is showing another possible benefit this supplement offers for the immune system in its response to viral illnesses like COVID-19. Vitamin D benefits infertility treatment and could help fight COVID-19.

The study compared countries with increased rates of mortality like Spain, Italy, and the UK, and found that those patients had lower Vitamin D levels than those from countries with fewer deaths. Let’s take a closer look at why that might be.

Vitamin D is stored in our body and awaits activation by sun exposure. Once activated, it can act internally in cell signaling similar to the way a train conductor regulates paths for trains to move safely in a train yard. In this way, Vitamin D helps modulate white blood cells to prevent them from releasing too many inflammatory cytokines, which are small proteins important in cell signaling. Patients fighting COVID-19 often have an excess of cytokines, and Vitamin D may help regulate those levels and aid in the response to ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome — the reason why most people become intubated during COVID-19).

The results found in this study, while interesting, do not mean anyone should run out to stock up on supplements. However, you may want to discuss with your doctor if taking the right dose of Vitamin D could help with your fertility and your immune system as it fights to stay healthy against illness.

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