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The Kind Words of One Infertility Patient Gives Light to New Hope

The Kind Words of One Infertility Patient Gives Light to New Hope

We help patients become parents. At Fertility Centers of New England, we are grateful to be a part of your journey. Every note, comment, photo and testimonial continually reminds us why we do what we do. We recently received a note from a patient we helped become a mother 21 years ago. May the kind words of one infertility patient gives light to new hope.

I am a former patient of The Fertility Center of New England. My eldest daughter, who was conceived with the help of the team of extraordinary reproductive medicine professionals there, just turned 21 years old this past summer. My son is now 18 years old and he was also brought into the world due to your team’s unmatched skill and superior knowledge. My youngest daughter is 16, and somehow we didn’t need help getting pregnant with her, she was a soul who was going to be born!

I have no idea how or why, but I was online today and came across an article about the Fertility Centers of New England, and it brought back so many memories, some painful, many happy, and most of all, I am so thankful and grateful for the gifts your Center has given me. You weren’t there in 1998, and 2002 when I went through my treatment cycles, but I would be willing to bet that it’s still an amazing place where couples who don’t believe they will ever have children, are blessed by all your Center has to offer, and do in fact become happy families! Please tell every single staff member that I said thank you. You work for a truly amazing place with a track record that probably can’t be beat by any other Reproductive Medicine clinic in the country!

We know there are choices when choosing care. Thank you to our patients for choosing the Fertility Centers of New England for your care. You are forever our family.  We are here for you!