Recurrent Miscarriages Can Be Prevented

recurrent miscarriage prevention

Miscarriage is a very common occurrence.  At least 15-25% of pregnancies will end in miscarriage, and as a woman ages, this percentage increases.  Many women are not aware of this high percentage of pregnancies that miscarry. Recurrent miscarriage, or recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), is defined by the loss of 2 consecutive pregnancies before 20 weeks gestation.  RPL is much […]

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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Part I: Definition, Incidence, and Recurrence

The treatise to follow represents a compellation of my experience gleaned over almost 30 years since becoming a physician devoted to women’s reproductive health care; the first 20 years of which was spent in academic medicine performing both basic and clinically applied research in the areas of infertility and specifically, recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). My […]

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