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Smoking Marijuana During Pregnancy
Smoking Marijuana During Pregnancy
The legalization of marijuana has enabled many entrepreneurs to open marijuana dispensaries.  A recent study found that nearly 70% of marijuana dispensaries in Colorado recommend cannabis products to manage nausea…
Drinking before pregnancy is known
Drinking Before Pregnancy Is Known
Most know that drinking during pregnancy is associated with harm in exposed offspring, but what are the effects of drinking before pregnancy is known? Less understood is whether maternal alcohol…
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Marijuana Risks to Fertility and Pregnancy
Washington, DC along with 29 states have passed legislation legalizing medical marijuana. The medical efficacy of marijuana and the primary psychoactive ingredient, THC is limited although, the other cannabinoid in…
Lifestyle Effects on Fertility
Your Lifestyle Affects Your Fertility
A recent paper in the January issue of Fertility and Sterility continues to point to the negative effects of smoking, weight extremes, alcohol use, and stress on pregnancy rates in…