Obesity Causes Hormonal Imbalances That Can Cause Infertility

rocks on scale what causes infertility

It is without dispute that obesity causes hormonal imbalances┬áthat can cause infertility. These imbalances can manifest in ovulatory dysfunction (irregular periods) and play a role in infertility. But these effects, do not end once conception occurs. What obesity spurns spills over into a general inflammatory response in mother and fetus alike. Maternally, obesity and this […]

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Binge Drinking In Women

Binge drinking in women

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention released their Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report on Binge Drinking Among Women and High School Girls. The report announced that 1 in 8 adult women and 1 in 5 high school girls in the United States practice binge drinking (at least 5 drinks in a row), and tend […]

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