Dr. Weiss Named Top Doc in Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment by Boston Magazine

Top Doc Boston Magazine

We are proud to announce that our own Dr. Robert Weiss has once again been recognized by Boston Magazine as one of the Top Reproductive Endocrinologists in the Boston 2013 list of Top Docs. This is the fourth consecutive year Dr. Weiss has been selected for this honor. “We are very lucky to count Dr. […]

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Boston IVF Centers Meet with International Fertility Experts at ASRM

Boston ASRM Fertility Conference

More than 10,000 infertility experts attended the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) annual meeting this month held at the Boston Convention Center.  Boston IVF centers meet with international fertility experts at ASRM and shared their recent basic and clinical research with physicians/scientists from around the world. This year’s meeting was held in conjunction with the […]

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Does Manganese in Drinking Water Affect Pregnancy?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued an advisory on manganese in drinking water and the steps they are taking to better address manganese in public drinking water supplies. Manganese is a common naturally occurring mineral found in rocks, soil, groundwater and surface water. It is also an essential trace mineral necessary for […]

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Dr. Robert Weiss Wins Boston Magazine Top Doc Award

boston top doctors

The Fertility Centers of New England is proud to announce that our own Dr. Robert Weiss has once again been named as one of the top Reproductive Endocrinologists in the Boston area by Boston Magazine. This is the third time Dr. Weiss has been selected for this honor. In a national survey, Dr. Weiss was selected as a “highly skilled and […]

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Birds and Bees Part II

Let me tell you ‘bout the “Birds and the Bees” And the flowers and the trees And the moon above And a thing called “Love”  (Herb Newman) Following ejaculation, sperm are deposited as a coagulum of secretions from not only the testicles, where sperm are made, but also from the seminal vesicles, prostate, and other accessory […]

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Birds and Bees Part I

OCTOBER IS BIRDS AND BEES MONTH IN BOSTON When a baby is desired, success is expected immediately. However the natural ability to conceive a baby is only 20% per month. For women under age 35 after trying to conceive for a year or for women over 35 after trying for six months their chances of […]

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