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What Is the Best Age to Freeze Eggs?
What Is the Best Age to Freeze Eggs?
Growing awareness of a woman’s biological clock has resulted in a surge of interest in fertility preservation. Historically, a woman’s reproductive options were limited by her biological clock. With egg…
Fertility Preservation
Fertility Preservation
Reproductive capacity is an age dependent process and is influenced by different conditions, some genetic and many not. The idea of fertility preservation may, in fact, be a misnomer and…
egg freezing benefits
Benefits of Freezing Eggs
A recent article in New York magazine highlighted the benefits of freezing eggs before the age of 37. This article emphasized that freezing eggs between age of 30 and 34…
Biologic Clock Ticks For All
Biologic Clock Ticks for All
Successful reproduction is generally an age related phenomena. Ovarian function in terms of egg quantity and quality is medically referred to as ‘Ovarian Reserve’ and is a function of what…
affordable egg freezing
Why Are Women Choosing To Freeze Their Eggs?
In today’s society, women often delay childbearing until later in their reproductive years. The reasons for this shift are complex, but are often related to social, educational, and economic factors. This trend…